BIBELOT noun, \ˈbē-bə-ˌlō\: a precious object.

Bibelot is sweaters that make a statement about your independent attitude.

Bibelot is fashion that flatters and enhances the women who wear our clothing season after season.

Bibelot is a collection with a fresh approach, a unique mixture of classicism and whimsy that fits into any contemporary woman’s closet.

Conceived in an airy studio overlooking the Garment Center in New York, Bibelot takes inspiration from the vitality and tempo of New York as well as the countries around the world that are the source of the materials that make the collection so covetable.

Bibelot is an affordable luxury in cashmere, extra-fine Italian merino, super-soft Pima cotton, luxurious linens and all the new innovative blends sourced around the world. Wear and enjoy Bibelot with flair…

Bibelot knitwear is sold at the best specialty stores across America.